Vacation is a time of unconditional relaxing and taking everything easy. But sometimes we let ourselves to act too carelessly. „Noone knows me in this country, i can act like i want, and someone will pick up my trash for sure…” Well, this is not the way. Lets not forget about good manners and lets be friendly with nature also on our trips.

TIP 1: Don’t drop towels on a bathroom floor.

How often do you change towels when you are home? I bet not every day… After one or two uses they can not be very dirty, so do not throw them too quickly on the floor (this is a sign for housekeeping to replace them), just hang them on a hanger to dry. Maybe they will be OK until the end of your stay for a few days?

TIP 2: Avoid mini-shampoos and plastic toothbrushes

Do you realize that hotel miniature bottles of toiletries and cosmetics in small packaging are causing big environmental impact of plastic waste ? Every day hotel guests generate thousands pieces of garbage in the form of opened shampoos and soaps. The best thing you can do is using your own cosmetics, or at least (if you didn’t bring any with you) take the mini-ones home and use them untill the end…

Lets hope that the hotel industry tiny bottles that squeeze out thick lashings of shampoo, conditioner and body lotions will be replaced by wall-mounted, refillable dispensers as soon as possible.

As it comes to the toothbrush say NO to the hotel single-use, platic toothbrush and choose to pack up a bamboo-made one in your suitcase.

TIP 3: always take of your key to turn the electricity off when leaving the room

If you are going outside, make sure that you have switched the power off. TV cant be left on standby, lights should be off and (the most dificult) dont let airconditioner work 24/7. I know its though especially when you are in a hot climate, but nature will remain gratefull for this small gesture.

Please remember, that you are not able to change everyone, but you can slowly change your habits and start embracing eco-friendly living as a way to live a better life. I keep my fingers crossed 🙂